Friday, 1 April 2016

Outgoing Easter Mail To Minnesota & Malaysia

Yes yes yes, Easter's a few day's gone but i bought a bunch of chocolate and stickers so i had to make at least two Easter letters and so that's what i've done. I haven't been in the writing mood lately, you can read why not on my other blog and that is why i'm a little late on getting Easter letters out but i'm sure my pen pals won't mind, i mean...chocolate!

For the first letter to Laura in Minnesota, USA i made a bunny envelope from card, i got the idea from these Bunny Bags Made From Envelopes. I simply drew a bunny shape on to card, cut it out and used it to template another piece, i then used double sided sticky tape to secure the ears and three of the sides leaving the right one open to slot in my letter and other goodies. To finish pop on googly eyes if you have them, if like me you don't then just print some out, add a little pink pom pom nose draw a mouth, whiskers and teeth and there you have an adorable bunny envelope! 

I intended to make a bunny envelope for Michelle in Malaysia as well but as i'd had trouble with the last letter getting to her (it didn't) instead, i went for a simple envelope. I actually had this made left over from last year, those little foam stickers on the front are adorable and i love the mint green so i'm loving my leftovers! I put three chocolate coins in each envelope with cute spring time animals on and picked out all of the pink, purple and blue easter confetti from my pot to sprinkle inside.

Did you send out any wonderful Easter mail, add a link below because i'd love to see!

Amy xo

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Incoming Postcard From Walt Disney!

Remember me writing about how i was sending a letter to my favourite Disney character Ariel in hope of receiving a postcard in response? Well... turns out it works! Today i found this under my post box as i came downstairs, isn't it wonderful? I'm so pleased that it worked.

There's a few things i should share, number one is that they are still sending out the postcards. Number two is that it totally works internationally and you don't have to live in the USA to receive a postcard back (i'm living in England)...

Number three, you will not receive a response direct from the character you write to, it will either be signed from Cinderella & friends or Mickey & friends which brings me on to number four, there are two postcards, if you write to a Disney princess you will receive the same card that i got, however if you write to a none Disney Princess character you will receive a blue card with mickey and his pals on the front and lastly number five, it took around a month to arrive.

That's all i have to say, it's a great activity to do with children or even if you're a 21 year old that happens to love Disney, so if you'd like to write to a Disney character for a postcard too then this is the address that i used:

Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

Amy xo

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mum's! (But especially my mum). My mum (& dad) has been pretty amazing lately what with my arm and helping me do all of the things i couldn't do for some time, so although she's always amazing she's had to ump it up to the max and so i got her some neat gifts to say thank you. 
I got a bunch of smellies for the bath, she loves bath bombs & a nice candle to relax in the bath with. I also popped a photo of my dog Ollie in a frame she bought, she's been asking me to do that for some time and i finally have. But i'm just showing you the bits i got from one of her favourite people Katie Abey! I bought my boyfriend 'the mug of motivation' last year for his birthday and a bunch of postcards and stickers for myself and since then mum has joined the internet world and began to follow Katie Abey and has now bought probably one of everything in her Etsy store! (maybe a little exaggeration) She definitely rocks her leggings though.

So, i got mum this cute kangaroo card and a naughty 'Shih Tzu' magnet to sit with all her others on our white board in the kitchen. I hope she loves her gifts, i'm sure she will. I hope you all have a fab day with your mum's, dad's and everyone in between!

Amy xo

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope you're having a lovely day, valentine or no valentine, it doesn't matter, Valentine's is for celebrating all kinds of love. If you're feeling lonely today then treat yourself, it's so important to love yourself too.

I had a lovely weekend with Alex, he came down from London to spend the weekend with me, On Saturday we went out for a 3 course meal at the restaurant next door to where i live, they had a special fancy valentine's menu to choose from, plus i didn't have to walk far in my heels! Then we went to see The Revenant, a good film, but if you're an animal lover like me it's quite gruesome.

On actual Valentine's we made pizza from scratch and watched romantic films, of course opening of presents occurred too...

As you can see i got him a cute turtle card because he's 'turtley amazing' & it reminded of the yoga turtles we saw in Rome. Normally i'd make a card for Valentine's Day but with my broken wrist i opted out this year. As for gifts, we set a £10 limit as our 3 year anniversary is coming up and we seem to have so many gift giving events throughout the year, so i had to get a little creative. I bought him a case of 4 ales that come from around the world including, San Miguel from Spain, Asahi from Japan, Tsingtao from China and one i can't remember from Belgium i believe, he enjoys ale and trying new one's on holiday. 

I also bought him a love globe that has sequin hearts inside and popped in photos of us in Thailand, some cocoa covered coffee beans (which he loves) & lastly i made us matching 'Partners in crime' keychains, cute right!?

Alex got for me an adorable heart shaped water bottle with owls on to keep me warm when he's not there and some valentine's stickers to decorate more mail with! I packaged all of his gifts that i wrapped up in my pink hue instagram photos in this pretty bag and found the PERFECT tag for it, emoji heart eyes! Major emoji love.

Amy xo

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Writing To My Favorite Disney Character!

Now that i'm all caught up with letters for a while i wanted to find some other cool things that you can do with mail around the world and the one that took my fancy was writing to your favorite Disney character in hope of a postcard in return from them. I did a little research and whilst some say they're not doing it anymore i thought i'd give it a shot, that way i can let you all know for definite, I also wasn't sure if it was just an american thing or if they'd reply worldwide but we shall see together.

I wrote to Ariel and spoke about how in my childhood i'd watch her and then as soon as it was over i'd watch her again, i also mentioned that i got into trouble on a few occasions for brushing my hair with my dinner fork, you're never too old to write to a Disney character!

A long time ago they sent out black and white postcards of the character you wrote to but most recently there are just two postcards that have been sent out, one with the majority of Disney Princesses and the other with Mickey and friends. Well let's wait and see what will happen.

Amy xo

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Outgoing Letters Of Love In The UK

Love is in the air, Valentine's is on it's way and it's time to start sending out those love letters! First is a postcard i couldn't resist for Alex, i mean he has nice buns (hehe). They even have little googly eyes, one of paperchases finest i must say. I often send Alex a little postcard when it's coming up to an event, just to get us both in the spirit of things.

Next up is for the lovely Stephanie in London, another set from The Works also on sale for just £1 so i picked a bunch up. I think that this set is so delicate and romantic, super perfect. I also made little priority labels for all my valentines mail, i mean love letters are important right?
Lastly is for Sheniz also in London, i'm not sure what sort of pen pals Sheniz and I are, but we agreed to keep in contact occasionally with postcards and such. She didn't have time to keep up with all the pen pals she had but i hope she continues to write to me, i'm pretty patient. I found this love & peace letter set at The Works and it was on sale so i just had to pick it up for the season, it's so bright and captures Valentine's Day perfectly. I hope everyone loves their love letters, they're all off to London this time!Amy xo

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Incoming Pocket Letter From Tilly In Wales

Tilly is the queen of snail mail i feel, everything she sends is so beautifully laid out and is often in pocket letter form. Look at all the patterns, colour and of course the little upbeat notes that she pours onto all of her letters, i wish i was this good at snail mail, i mean where on earth does she get all that beautiful paraphernalia!?

As you can see it is a letter celebrating the new year, i hope it's going fantastic so far for you all. There's always so much to photograph and look at with Tilly's letters because there's just so many aspects to the letter, it really is a small piece of art and i get so excited when i see her letters have come through my post box.

I'm definitely going to use this letter as inspiration for some of my own, i particularly love the transparent sheet used to separate each of the sides, genius!

Inside of the letter and all of its pockets were of course a letter, paper pieces for me to use and a pretty tag. I have so many of those project life (i think that's what they're from) cards but i'm not sure what i will use them for yet, i'd love to start journalling again and create a beautiful diary, maybe one day soon!Amy xo