Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My First Swap Bot Weekly Goals Postcard No.36

Yesterday i posted off my first ever swapbot swap,  I chose a simple one for starters which required me to write down 5 goals for my upcoming week. Here are the goals i chose:

1. Post all of my Ebay sales (+ This postcard).
2. Pick up my mail from Birmingham.
3. Go to London to visit my Boyfriend.
4. Find more #Shauninthecity statues.
5. Write about my greatest adventure for another swap(bot).

My pen smudged a bit, BOOOO!
I hope Trinka likes it, here's the funky front that I made into a Gif to show the full effect!

I've already signed up for next weeks No.37! Click here to Join the Swap.

Amy xo

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