Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Outgoing To Portugal And Australia

I had a lot of fun making Ines' first letter, i don't know her favourite colour yet so i did it in mine, Pink! I mostly used this free 'Geo Hearts' download from 'Creature Comforts'. My letter is folded up inside of the note let and i included one of my zines (with some tasty tea in the back).

Other bits and bobs included are a mail tag, My playlist ticket (Downloadable from here by 'Wreck this Girl'), A tag, an unused vintage postcard, petals i found, an unbelievable delicious milk chocolate bar with strawberry and yogurt cream filling (they might all go before i send anymore out) and a strawberry milkshake straw! I hope she loves everything.

This next one is off to Morgan in Australia...

 A Blue version of the one above! Again there's a zine with some tasty tea in the back.

Things included in this one are similar but i made a few changes, before you think she ate all of those chocolates, i didn't. Chocolate to Australia? I don't think it would survive! So i swapped it out for some fresh linen scented incense sticks. I didn't have any more petals that are dry yet so i popped some snail mail stickers i made a while back in the mini brown envelope instead!

I can't wait until they both receive them.

Amy xo

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  1. Awww all your letters are so amazing!!! >O< I know they cant wait to receive it!!

    I messaged you on thepostalsociety :> I hope to hear from you soon >O<

    Jessie @ bijou-heart