Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Swapbot: Blind Surprise April: Texas

Today i put together my Blind Surprise Swap 'April' package for a girl called Lauren. The idea was to pick at least 5 items up to £5 BEFORE you get given the name of who you're sending to. Scary, right? I mean you don't get to see what they like or dislike. I chose gender neutral items that were useful for anyone, the colour palette came from this new wrap i bought that's green and purple!

When i received the name of the person i'm sending to i had a little snoop and low and behold, they dislike purple. What are the chances!? I'm hoping they can look past the purple and love the items.

Here's whats inside:

As you can see i really went to town with the green and purple theme. So what's inside?

1. Purple Glitter Pencil (Idea and template from HERE)
2. Green Tea and Cucumber Soap (Which is green inside the purple wrap!)
3. 4 Purple and Green Note-lets (Download brushes HERE)
4. Purple Sugared Blackberry Scented Candle
5. Chocolate Sprinkles Freddo Bar
6. Highlights Cadbury Hot Chocolate Sachet
7. Pukka Green Tea Bag
8. Tea Tree Peel Off Face Mask
9. Purple and Green Stickers!

I used the Geo Hearts Download for wrap.
I hope she will love everything and use them, i had fun putting it all together!

Amy xo

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