Thursday, 30 April 2015

SwapBot: My Playlist In April

So this isn't a physical item but i thought i'd share it because it's a super fun idea!
The rules of this swap are to send 20 songs (Song name and artist name) that you've been listening to in April to 5 people via email. I've already written my 20 before i've gotten the names of my fellow swappers, which means there's still time to join this swap. Be quick though it ends after today.

I'm hoping that this swap continues monthly because i seriously need to broaden my artists. This month was mostly Michael Jackson and Sam Smith in fact i probably could've filled all 20 spaces with MJ songs but i didn't want to look crazy.

I'm open to all music genres some months i listen to heavy metal & rock then other months, pop, It's definitely been a pop month.

Other swaps to join at the moment:

Weekly Goals Postcard Swap No.39

Send A Small Parcel (UK ONLY)

May Mini Zine

The ones i've listed are all open to unrated swappers if you're new to the game like me!
Let's hope that in a few months i'll have 20 unique artists.

Amy xo


  1. I did this swap too, but I haven't done my list yet. It sounds so fun - I love your list!

    1. Ahh Thank you! Hope you have fun with yours, I don't suppose you're sending to a littlegremlin? ;)