Friday, 8 May 2015

Handmade 21st Party Invites

So in about a months time it'll be my 21st birthday! I don't usually bother having a party but i thought why not? it's my big 21 after all. My party is going to be Gremlin themed! I've made banners, stickers, popcorn boxes, the works. I've even got green plates, straws and green glittery candles, that's another thing i'm having a go at making my own Gizmo cake, eek. We'll see how badly that turns out! I'll be having green lights and balloons too, i can't wait!

To go with my Gremlins theme obviously i had to make gremlin invites! I used the illustrations i drew for my stickers and turned it into a repeated pattern type thing with bright red to make the envelopes and invite; also using the official gremlins font for all the text!

I hand delivered a bunch today in my village with my two dogs as little helpers (although they made the task harder) but they kept me company! I posted the rest, i hope everyone can come!

Amy xo

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