Thursday, 28 May 2015

Incoming from California and Hawaii

Yesterday i got two letters in the post, firstly from Olivia in California, USA. It was packed lovely, i love letters tied up as you can tell from many of the letters i send out! She also has great taste in colour, with the blues and gold.

As you can see she sent me a really cool pencil, sadly it didn't quite make it to me in one piece. The postal people must have handled it roughly because it was snapped in two. The little paper bits she's sent are so lovely i'll have to find a special use for them and i can't wait to get a notice board so i can pin up that little painting.

This is my first letter from Gennie, Hawaii; USA. I long to go to Hawaii but we simply couldn't afford it this year, i hope to in the near future though. Gennie sent lots of paper goodies for me to use and even a Hawaii patch, i think that'll be going on my notice board too! The photograph she took of the pineapple field makes me want to pack my bags and get on a plane, sod the cost, just look at that rainbow!

Amy xo

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