Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Incoming From The Netherlands And India

I've almost caught up with blogging about all the incoming mail i got at my student accommodation, although i received two letters today so i'm super busy with responses. So here is a letter i got from Len my pen pal from Amsterdam, she was one of my first pen pals along with Laura and Tiffany. I've been writing to them for quite some time now! She sent me a lovely long letter explaining to me about Kings Day where the streets are crowded filled with orange! She also sent some seeds for me to sow, i have a bunch i need to do but have yet to, hopefully i'll get around to it soon.

Then i have this lovely letter from Vaishnavi in India. It was sent out a long time ago but got sent back to her, now finally it's in my hands! It's my first letter from her in reply to one i sent out before this blog existed. She sent me a little paper boat,  bindi and three little postcards. I'd love to visit India one day and hopefully i will get to.

Amy xo

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