Saturday, 23 May 2015

My English Stamps

I always used to think the UK barely had any pretty stamps compared to the USA, but i discovered that actually we do create some funky looking stamps! So, i bought some, these are a few of the packs i bought but i have some more to show later on, including one with a freakin' unicorn on it!

I kind of wish i could keep all of these for myself, but where's the fun in that?

My favourites are definitely the Cheshire cat & flamingo golf from the Alice In Wonderland stamps. The Spiny Dogfish & Sturgeon from the Sustainable Fish stamps. The Plesiosaurus & Ichthyosaurus from the Dinosaur stamp set.

With the Dog fish i finally have a shark stamp! It'll be hard to part with it...
Do you own any or hope to get one on one of your letters?

Amy xo


  1. I've always loved British stamps to be honest!
    The Alice in Wonderland stamps are amazing <3

  2. Look for a UK swap partner who has the same stamps. You send your set, (s)he sends his/hers...XD