Friday, 29 May 2015

Outgoing Gremlins All Over The World

So with my birthday coming up i decided to send out little letters with the same theme as my birthday party: Gremlins! I had a bunch of pen pals to write to so it was great timing to send them out together. I drew the gremlins and made them into envelopes back in the beginning of the year. I didn't have one's made up for my new pen pals Gennie and Olivia so i decided to use an idea that a girl called Corey inspired me to do, printing on a see through paper. I had a different sort of printer but it actually worked and didn't turn into a huge inky mess, i'm happy with them.

I also made my very own transparent gremlins washi tape, how cool is that!? Soon everything i own will have that print on it, if you want you can buy a pillow with it on or even a tote. I think i'll have to buy the pillow once i've decorated my room. I also have plans to draw up some other characters from the movies so watch out!

They all contain the same, a letter, birthday confetti and a random gremlin sticker! Going out to Len in Amsterdam, Vaishnavi in India, Sepdia in Indonesia, Olivia in California, Gennie in Hawaii and Mew in Thailand. Unfortunately i'm not having much luck with my letters getting to Mew, i've sent two now and none of them have got there but i'm hoping we'll break the habit and get this one to her with a new address, wish us luck.

Amy xo


  1. Holymoly gremlins galore!! I love how the envelopes turned out !! :3

  2. Wooh! That's my letter right there. Received it in the mail yesterday. I sent you something back right away. Such an amazing blog. It got me inspired to start using my old blog again.