Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Outgoing to Malaysia and California

First of all is this baby pink and blue letter to Michelle in Malaysia. I made the envelope out of some shiny wrapping papers and I've included a pen pal zine, a little letter, heart confetti and a selection of washi tapes, i love making washi tape samples i wish i could see what everyone i send one to creates with them! This next one is for Olivia in California in reply to her wonderful letter.
 I used some other wrapping paper that i found in pound land to line this brown envelope too, it's super shiny! Oh and i'm back with my thread again, so what's inside?

My pen pal zine with some tea in the back (as always). A magic strawberry milkshake straw. Some pretty dried petals, i managed to get some more and finally dried them out! Some lilac, silver and pink washi tape samples. A pink sherbet straw. A vintage postcard, Letter and mail tag!

Finally i sent out this postcard to Ellie in Wales from The Warehouse Cafe in Birmingham. Alex and i went there at the weekend and it's one of our favourite places to go and Alex isn't even Vegetarian. Ellie and i are both vegetarian trying to go Vegan so i figured if she ever found herself in Birmingham this is the place to go! I had some yummy foraged nettle and wild garlic soup, it was really nice but they do a whole range of things, Alex had vegetarian fish and chips (halloumi cheese replaced the fish). Anyone around Birmingham should go!

Amy xo

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  1. Absolutely lovely letters :D Love the first envelope especially, those colours work so very well together! :D