Thursday, 7 May 2015

Outgoing To Minnesota And California (+ Swapbot Letter Outgoing To UK)

Outgoing to Laura in Minnesota, i really wanted to do some spring themed letters to send my seed packs in that a made a little while ago. I found this wrapping paper of Peter Rabbit and i just loved him as a child so i had to turn it into envelopes!

Outgoing to Tiffany in California. I also made little pen pal details cards to send out because i'm finding it hard to remember birthdays in particular, i like to send out birthday letters but i keep missing them!

Outgoing to Emma, UK. This is for a private swap 'Letter of Loveliness' made by Emma. There had to be a quote, poem, candy/chocolate, another flat item and a letter explaining why you chose the items that you did. So here's what i chose and why:
1. Quote by Dalai Lama -  I actually find the Dalai Lama’s words very beautiful, I'm not religious but i believe in kindness to others.

2. Poem Limitless by Danna Fauld - I try to practice mindfulness on a daily basis thinking positively, focusing on the present rather than the past.

3. Sherbet Candy's - I always ate sherbet when i was a child i even named my bunny Sherbet I always spelt it Sherbert though and i most certainly did not eat that Sherbet!

4. Herbal Fruity Teas - I hate normal tea, i think it’s the milk i don’t know but i love herbal and fruity teas.

Amy xo

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