Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Postal Society Colour Swap Outgoing

I joined my first Postal Society swap this month called 'The Colour Swap'. Everyone wrote a comment of their favourite colour + two more they liked, then the person who receives you as a partner makes an envelope in those colours and includes two stationary items in the same colour theme inside.

My partner was Jennifer from Canada, and her favourite colours were green, orange and red. I had a quick look on her profile and it says she likes foxes, now, i couldn't figure out if that meant the animals or the singer but i went with the cute furry animals anyway! After all they were perfect for my colour scheme...

I drew some little foxes and turned it into a print to make postcards and an envelope out of, i used the same idea i had for this swap where i made bunny postcards. The lady at the post office kept saying how much she loved the envelope, i should have told her i made/illustrated it, but little shy me just smiled. I also included some washi tape samples in those colours and one even had little foxes on, score!

*quick tip, use the plastic backing you get with stickers to wrap your tape samples around!

Amy xo

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