Sunday, 17 May 2015

Swapbot: Doodle Art Postcard

For this swap i had to doodle on a plain postcard size piece of card to send to my partner as a postcard. Zentangle was an option and i'd never heard of it before so i looked it up and gave it a go. I don't know if i've done it right but i had fun doodling without knowing what i wanted it to look like in the end. I just drew without really thinking about it and it's very therapeutic, usually when i draw everything has to be perfect because i illustrate highly detailed pictures but here i didn't need a ruler or precision and i still love the outcome.

I'm sending out the second one i drew to Kristin in North Carolina, USA which is the golden one. I loved the first one too much so i'm going to keep it and maybe scan it to create some more postcards.

Amy xo

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