Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Swapbot: Hosting Another Swap : A Little Letter Of Pockets

I have so many swap ideas so here's another one for you all!

Okay so here's the deal, You are to create a tri-fold letter from A4 Card (make sure it's quite sturdy like a booklet)..

Here is an example from Janette Lane's beautiful blog!

You don't have to make it like that but make sure you have pockets of some sort! Maybe use mini envelopes as pockets or create some to stick on or if you're good at sewing maybe you can make it all from fabric, get creative!

What to put in your pockets?

1. A little letter about yourself
2. A little flat gift (eg. Tea, hot chocolate, sweets, stickers)
3. The rest is up to you! (But still necessary - Decorate it, make it look pretty.) Maybe add tags, quotes, music/book recommendations, postcards, handmade items, drawings, confetti!

If you'd like to join this swap go here, I'm also running A Little Letter Of Calm here.

Amy xo

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