Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Swapbot: Incoming Greatest Adventure To Ireland (+ April Blind Swap)

I got an incoming 'My Greatest Adventure' letter a few days ago, you can view the one i send out here. This was from Shannon in Canada and her greatest adventure was to Ireland, she told me all about how she decided to go on her own as she got fed up of waiting for someone to go with. I think anyone that can travel alone to another country are very brave and i wish i had the guts to do it! She said by going there it opened up her world to travel and she eventually met her husband! It's a lovely little adventure!

Oh and just look at that cute penguin clip...

I also received my blind swap surprise april package from Karin in the USA. You can see the one i sent out here!

 It was all wrapped in lovely bright flower paper but i was too excited to wait until i got home to photograph it. She sent me some wonderful things and whole bunch of note cards and postcards which i'll definitely be using in future letters. That Hershey's bar is actually empty... i couldn't help myself it's just so tasty.

She also sent a crabbing magnet which brought back lots of childhood memories as my dad and i always went crabbing when we went on holiday, obviously we let the crabs go home after unharmed, it was great fun!

Amy xo

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