Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Swapbot: Incoming Letter Of Loveliness Private Swap With Emma (& UK Parcel Swap)

This is my incoming Letter Of Loveliness from a private swap with Emma, she was hosting the same swap but i didn't meet the requirements so she did a private one with me instead. The one i sent hasn't made it to her yet, but i hope it does. This letter includes a quote by Oscar Wild, poem by William Ernest Henley, a letter explaining why she picked the items she did, her favourite hot chocolate flavour and a refreshers candy bar. Unfortunately i can't eat the refreshers bar because i'm vegetarian and it contains gelatine but i'm going to give it to my brother or boyfriend instead and keep the hot chocolate all to myself.

I also have received my small parcel from the UK swap, here's the one i sent out which by the way my partner loved. This was from Rebecca and she did an excellent job, she really looked at my profile to see what sort of things i would like. She included a little letter with dried flowers on (the lavender broke off so i was covered in it, but it smelt so nice), some cucumber 'Lip Shit' (Brilliant name), postcards and David Bowie cards, tattoo exhibition booklet (i wish i could have gone!), a notebook, hot chocolate and ADVENTURE TIME SOCKS! I'm so happy with those socks. I'm sending her a little thank you letter soon because it was a perfect package for me!

Amy xo

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