Monday, 4 May 2015

Swapbot: June Prayer Flag

So, i'm not much of a sewing bee but when i saw this swap i just had to join in! The deal is to make a prayer flag, like those that tibetans hang outside in the elements to unravel and fade. They often have mantras on and are in 5 colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White). I'd love to visit Tibet but i know it's not that simple, i also wanted to buy some prayer flags for my room once it's all decorated but this way each month i'll get a unique handmade one!

I occasionally sew on a button or stitch up some trousers but this is my attempt at sewing something creative in probably over 10 years! So here it is...

Just beautiful isn't it... Look at that wobbly cross stitch. So it's a bit wonky but still good! I actually think it turned out nice and since when were prayer flags supposed to be perfect huh?

I decided upon blue and green with an unalome symbol on it.  I used an old white t-shirt for fabric as the first choice of fabric wouldn't dye, I water coloured it with blue and green and used blue felt for decoration.

And how's this for finishing touches, signed sealed delivered. If you're super at sewing and textiles you have plenty of time to join this swap as sign up ends on the 31st May to be sent by 30th June, I'm a serious early bird. Maybe you'll receive my masterpiece!?

Amy xo

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