Friday, 15 May 2015

Swapbot: A Little Letter Of Pockets Outgoing

So a while ago i mentioned that i was hosting a second swap on swapbot called 'A Little Letter of Pockets'. Well the time has come to send out those pockets and i'm super excited for my partner to receive my creation because i put so much work into it, let me show you.

I decided to do a spring theme before it comes to an end, to make the flower print i used a simple flower on a colour me in page and added the colour on photoshop + duplicated it. It's super striking.

Here's the best bit, what's inside?

I'm super proud of it! It's off to Nancy in San Diego, USA and i think she'll love it. She collects seeds and loves flowers, what's not to love! I'll tell you what exactly is hidden in all of the pockets.
First there is a little letter from me explaining a little about me, below that i included some useable flower stickers. In the little brown envelope are a variety of seeds, sealed with an origami flower (if you look closely you can see a little bug making a home in it - don't worry it's just a sticker).

In the middle i wrote her name on a wooden tag which is removable if she wishes to hang it elsewhere. Then there are some plant sticks, i'm not sure what they're called eek! and some useable washi tape samples.

On the last page i popped in two detox herbal tea sachets just for her or to share. I made a little tiny see through envelope from grease proof, worked a charm, i filled it with dried petals from my village. Finally i stuck a photo i took whilst i was out on a jog and decorated it all with little flowers i water coloured.

What do you think? I think i'll definitely run this swap again as 14 people joined in and i had so much fun with it, i'd really love to make all sorts of different themes.

Amy xo

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