Friday, 22 May 2015

Swapbot: UK Postcard Swap Outgoing

Yesterday i posted off my UK postcard swap #2. I used postcards i made with my own illustrations that i initially created for another swap, but they're too cute not to share further! Here's a closer look at them...

The lady that i was swapping with loved small animals like bunnies, mice, guinea pigs, etc. and her favourite colours were pink and mint, so that was simply the inspiration behind it. The rest was just doodling quick bunnies and plants then taking them into photoshop to play around with!

I printed one bigger than the other, woopsie.

The pink one is off to Jennifer in Devon and the blue to Donna in... Devon! I went a bit star crazy. I can't wait to start receiving some swaps, they'll all be waiting for me at my student accommodation this weekend!

Amy xo

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