Sunday, 10 May 2015

Swapbot: The Weekly Goals Are Incoming

So far i have received 'Weekly Goals Postcard Swap No. 36 & 37'. I am yet to get No.38 & No.39 but here's hoping they arrive soon! In fact i haven't sent my No.39 out yet...a job for tomorrow i guess.

This first postcard was from Diane in Texas, USA. It's a wonderful postcard, the ladies look like they're having a whale of a time!

Below are her goals, To clean up all of her art/journaling supplies and to get all her swaps ready for posting on Monday. Sounds like the goals i should make myself for this week!

Now for No.37 from Trish in Florida, USA, i'm so excited for this one, just look at it! Shark themed postcards are by far the best postcards and one of my most favourites to receive. I have three shark postcards so far, one from my pen pal Laura, one from post crossing and now this one and i hope i get many many more!

Did you know that sharks have rows and rows of teeth and if one falls out the one behind will just rotate into it's place, pretty neat right? Read Trish's  goals below!

I'd so love to go to Florida one day, i so hope i do.Amy xo

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