Friday, 19 June 2015

Incoming From Inês, Portugal

I believe it was last week that i received my first letter from Inês, i've got a serious back log of letters i need to post on here but i'm slowly getting through them all, until more arrive and more to send... It took a while but people are way busier than me, when i was at uni it took me a lot longer to reply but since i'm on a gap year with nothing much to do i'm pretty swift with my letters. It doesn't bother me if someone takes a while to reply, so long as they do eventually and haven't given up on being my pen pal, that makes me sad.

Anyways just look at that postcard she sent me, i LOVE it. Artist postcards are some of my favourites to receive especially from modern artists, i'd love to receive some with Mark Ryden's work on and i have a bunch with Ana Bagayan's work that i bought from her, sadly i can't part with them so i'm keeping them to myself and framing them all soon. This postcard is by Benjamin Lacombe and i think it's called 'Les amants (Esquisse)' but it also says 'Mots d'Amour', his work reminds me of Mark Ryden's yet it's completely different too, i like it.

She sent me a bunch of goodies in a little envelope which i seem to have misplaced but i know it's in this room somewhere it's just an absolute mess, i'm getting ready to decorate it but it's going slowly. She sent me some little kitty stickers that i actually then got a pack of for my birthday from my friend Sara, they're really cute. On the back of the postcard Inês wrote the start of a poem she really loves called 'The Crunch' By Charles Bukowski, go check it out.

Amy xo

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