Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Incoming From London, Malaysia & Minnesota

Today i received a few letters and a postcard, the postcard is from my boyfriend Alex who lives in London. On occasion we send each other postcards because let's face it it's way better than a text and we can't always see each other that often. We pick funny little cards for each other, this one makes me laugh and it's a little warm hug when i see they're from him!

I also got this letter from Michelle, Malaysia. Bright yellow envelopes have to be my favourite at the moment they remind me of the summer time approaching and make my mail box very colourful and happy.
Michelle has the neatest hand writing i've ever seen, i'm so envious, it's all so pristine. She sent me a handful of cute stationary items, stickers and postcards which are super sweet, cute things make me very happy!

I love the princess peach postcard, postcards that have a unique shape always fascinate me but i don't get very many or find them often in the shops. Perhaps i'll start making a special effort to gather a few to send out in a swap on swapbot!

Finally is a letter from Laura in Minnesota. She makes a lot of her envelopes with pictures from movies, this one's from Physco. I've never seen the film but should definitely as it's her favourite.
She went to see 'Mr. Burns a post electric play' which looks and sounds amazing and i wish i could have seen it!

I have a handful of letters to write now and so i'm going to stick the kettle on and get to work!

Amy xo

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