Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Incoming From The Netherlands & Thailand

Celebrations today because i received two letters but also one was from Mew which means she got my letter, third time lucky. I'm glad our letters are finally reaching each other because i have lots to talk to her about with my upcoming Thailand trip in November. She's been kind enough to give me some tips on where i can swim with whale sharks when i'm there which is my biggest dream. I need a diving certificate which is something i really want to do but it costs so much, we'll have to see, it'd be worth the money as most of my dreams revolve around swimming with creatures in the sea!

Mew sent me a lovely letter, with an adorable elephant stamp. The postcard she sent is 'Clown The Musical' and it looks quite scary to me, clowns freak me out enough.

I also received this wonderful package from Len for my birthday, look at all those stamps! It's super kind of Len to send me a little gift, i opened it and had no idea what was inside the box but i was super intrigued by the Buddha, things to do with Buddhism are right up my alley. Whilst i'm not religious myself i do love to understand other peoples religion, who am i to tell anyone they're wrong, who really knows, i certainly don't?

Here's what was inside waiting for me, some lovely body products including a scrub and moisturiser, i really enjoy receiving shower treats because they can really make you feel refreshed and up lifted, these smell wonderful so i can't wait to use them. Len also made a super cute straw banner for decoration, sweet right!?

Lastly i used a little of my birthday money to treat myself to a few things i definitely didn't need more of. It's okay though because i don't have many Studio Ghibli items in my life which is a crime! I ordered myself a cute No Face pen, you get sent one at random, i think mine's eating cake... or cheese. I also got myself some Totoro stickers for good measure, i already can tell i'll need to order more.

Amy xo

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  1. Wah! I'm glad you liked it. I thought RITUALS was a worldwide thing. The shop is really popular in the Netherlands. :)