Monday, 15 June 2015

My 21st Birthday #1

Yesterday was my 21st Birthday and i threw a gremlins themed party, a few of my friends could make it and i had such a good time with them all. They all arrived bang on 5pm at the same time so i threw the pizza's in and stuck Gremlins on whilst we all had a natter. I spent the whole morning cleaning my flat ready on friday and putting up all the decorations whilst alex went out and got me my special 21 balloons, i love them, balloons are my favourite.

Once the film ended we all got changed into our going out clothes and had pre-drinks ready to go out clubbing, we played some drinking games and my friends also lit my birthday candles and sang to me as i blew them all out.

The next day (sunday) my actual birthday we all carried our hangovers to Wetherspoons and wolfed down some grub, I also opened my presents which were all lovely, i received a whole Drop Dead Gizmo ensemble to sport, joggers and all'. BUT... my biggest present coming from my boyfriend was a surprise holiday to... Lisbon, Portugal! I can't wait i'm a very lucky lady and i get two holidays with my lovely Alex this year, BOOYEAH!

Alex also gave me this birthday card, remember the one i gave him with the birthday llama well now 'his llama is watching me'! Brilliantly clever.

Watch out for my next post because i'll be showing you a few more party photos including the gizmo cake that i made myself from scratch, very proud. I've also received some birthday mail from swap bot and know some more is on it's way!

Amy xo

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