Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My 21st Birthday #2

Yes, there's more... I didn't take many photos so this is the last post other than birthday mail! As you can see we had a swell time, you can also see all the bunting and balloons i made, it's a shame i didn't get more of the details because i put a lot of work in, everything was green or had gremlins on, it was heaven. My friends all tore apart the Gremlins plot, it's fine, they just can't see pure genius when it's right in front of them.

I made my gizmo cake from scratch, icing and all, it was a right pain but i'm proud of how well it turned out for saying it's the first cake i've ever made, it got really sticky when it came to piping the icing, i'm definitely not going into my own cake making service that's for sure. 

I also illustrated and made my own popcorn boxes for when we watched the movie and filled them up with sweet & salty popcorn, strawberry & blackcurrant laces and one of my stickers for the top, they worked super well. You can also see my blue gremlin cocktail, when poured in the yellow gremlin mixer it was supposed to turn green...the ratio of blue to yellow meant that didn't really happen but it was a good idea. I don't think i'll be throwing another birthday party for a few years, the stress of it all! But it was totally worth it this year.

Amy xo

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