Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Outgoing to Inês, Portugal & Swapbot to Russia

Here's a little letter i sent a little while back to Inês in Portugal, i used my new letter set that i got from Alex for my birthday, i really love it, he got me the matching sticker box too. I included snapshots of my birthday party because i had such a great time and i want to share it with all my pen pals!

Another letter i sent a few days ago is a swap called 'stuff an envelope full of snail mail supplies'. Mine's outgoing to Daria in Russia and i filled it mostly with letter sets including one that i illustrated with sea creatures and sell in my Etsy shop. I also used some free printables that i've gathered from blogs i read and printed them out to make some lovely letter sets, i even turned some into little vintage pin up girl stickers. Other than letter sets i included some pretty papers, a letter and some small bits and bobs, it all had to add up to 100g and mine was bang on!

My dad has actually gone to Moscow, Russia for work, he'll be there by now and i so wish i could have gone with him Moscow is somewhere i'd love to see and i'd just stroll around alone in content.

Amy xo

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