Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Post Crossing & Swapbot: Postcards Incoming

On my return to my flat at the weekend for my graduation ball (which i had great fun at) i also got a bunch of mail again, i really need to see about getting a PO box for all my swaps. I got a post crossing postcard from Vasil in Belarus, i swear i send a couple of cards out and end up with twice as many back! Not that i'm complaining.. Firstly look at that stamp, animal stamps are one of my most favourite themes to receive on a piece of post, Belarus have some very pretty stamps. I'm not sure what the front of the postcard is about, i assume the text on the back explains it but i can't read Belarusian, it's interesting nevertheless.

I also go my second UK Postcard Swap from Katt over on Swapbot. Remember the ones i sent out. I've also just realised i haven't posted the first UK Postcard i received, what a numpty, you can view it at the bottom of this post. Katt sent me a postcard of the universe which is pretty fascinating, the universe blows my mind!

Finally this is the other UK Postcard i got for the swap a while ago, i don't know who it's from because they forgot to put their name! Stoke-On-Trent isn't far from where i live at all and i wouldn't be surprised if i've been to this pottery museum at some point in my life, i do remember going to one when i was younger so who knows!

I love the stamp that they used, it makes a change from forever seeing the blue and red queen stamps. The stamp shows the Tarr Steps across the River Barle in Somerset, as it's in the UK maybe i could visit it one day, it looks like a dreamy place!

Look out for all the rest of my mail, there's a whole bunch to post about. Sadly i'm suffering from either hey fever or a cold, i never get hey fever so it looks like i've caught something at the ball. Just my luck days before my birthday, wish me well!

Amy xo

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  1. Whoa, that universe postcard is just amazing *_*