Friday, 12 June 2015

Postal Society: Surprise Mail

I sent out some surprise mail as part of The Postal Society, There's a list of addresses to pick at random and sent to. Now that both of the people i picked to send to have received the letter i can show you all! I chose Tinne from Belgium and Emily from England, surprisingly they both got them on the same day which is crazy, European post is quick.

I read their profiles to see what sorts of things they like and printed special transparent envelopes, Tinne likes kawaii and Emily likes Sailor Moon. I made special 'Surprise Mail' stickers for these and any future letter i send in an array of colours, the pink letters will always be my favourite though!

I also used some of my pen pal stickers that i illustrated in pink to spruce up the front, i think they fit really well with everything in matching pink. I took the plunge and sent out two of my lovely Alice In Wonderland stamps, the Cheshire Cat is my most favourite of the set so i'll have to get some more very soon. I'm always hesitant to send out my themed stamps because i like them so much, i hope one day i will receive Alice In Wonderland stamps on my mail.

I wrote a letter, note and a little about me in both and included a small pink set of the stickers i used to decorate the front of the envelope so they can do so to. I'm glad that both liked their letters and i can't wait to send some more, i also hope i receive a little surprise letter one day in my mail!

Amy xo

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