Monday, 29 June 2015

Postcrossing & Swapbot: Plenty Of Postcards

Recently i've been sending a lot of postcards and joining postcard swaps, i've received a few too but more about that later. I love postcards, they're quick to write and i can send them anywhere in the world for just £1. This first postcard of Greta Garbo was for a Tv/Film Postcard swap on Swapbot, my partner loved it as she is one of his favourite actresses. He said he loved black and white film from before the 1950s and i took a chance out of the few cards i had and i obviously made the right choice!

These three postcards are for Postcrossing, on occasion i get the urge to send a handful out at a time because then i get a handful back later on and it's so nice. One of them loved whales and i found this lovely little whale postcard, i wish i could send it to myself but that would be weird. I have a whole bunch of London cards so i thought i'd send those out to the people that like touristy postcards, thin the collection a little!
Finally these two were for a swap called Postcard Fun #2, i joined this a while back but it got cancelled, i'm glad that it was brought back. I selected my postcards based on my partners Jennifer and Eva (both from the Netherlands) likes. Jennifer likes turtles, i couldn't find a turtle postcard but she said she likes tortoises as well, my boyfriend actually sent me the same postcard a while ago because it's super cute, look at his little happy face! Eva likes owls, i had this funky shaped owl postcard that was perfect for the job, i liked this swap because i got to use two adorable postcards.

On the back i had to have two or more stamps a piece of washi tape and a sticker, sadly i didn't have any turtle stickers or washi tape but i did have both of those things in owls! I must say it's hard to figure out where to fit everything on with unusually shaped postcards but some how i managed to cram everything on there! I'm glad they all loved the postcards.

Amy xo

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