Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Pretty Purchases From Quaintly Quietly

Recently i made a purchase from Corey's Etsy store 'Quaintly Quietly' and today was the day it arrived all the way from Singapore! Here's what i bought...

Corey wrote a cute letter on my little package in lovely handwriting, when people do that on Etsy it makes me super happy to hear how happy they are for your order and that they appreciate it! I can't say i've ever got a personal thank you from Paperchase, so that's why i love to buy from Etsy.

Firstly i ordered these beautiful postcards, aren't they amazing!? The colours are actually that striking in real life, i just think they're gorgeous and she's so good at illustration. I wish i could be her pen pal but she has so many and i can see why! I also got a few extra little labels to decorate my letters with.

Secondly i got these incredible jellyfish envelopes that are printed on transparent paper, these were the inspiration for my gremlin envelopes. They're so delicate to look at, is it possible to be in love with stationary?

Everything was packaged beautifully and sent quickly, i recommend that you go browse her shop right now and buy something for your stationary stash!

Amy xo

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