Saturday, 27 June 2015

Swapbot: Incoming Doodle Art

Here's my incoming Doodle Art Swap from Elina in California. Sadly the one I sent, my partner was more bothered that I didn't send it in an envelope than actually appreciating the art I drew, that made me sad, envelope no envelope, does it really matter? Anyway I super appreciated the one I was sent from Elina, like me she's new to Zentangle, it's a lot of fun I must say and I love that she included my name in her art work.

Although it wasn't necessary she sent a few extras with her doodle art for me which was super kind. She included a few stickers and a cute pink tag along with some pretty papers that had my doodle inside. It was a fun, quick and easy swap to join in with even if i did read it as being sent like a postcard, i'd do it again!

Amy xo

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