Thursday, 18 June 2015

Swapbot: Incoming June Birthday Cards

I received two birthday cards as part of the June Birthday Card Swap over on Swapbot, they came a little while ago so they were in time for me to open them on my birthday. Firstly i got a super cute kitty card from a lady in the USA called Marcella. I love animal cards it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, i also really want a cat, i've wanted a Sphynx cat for as long as i can remember and i'd also love a Ragdoll, they're complete opposites of the furry scale!

She decorated the lovely yellow envelope with birthday themed stickers and inside was a whole bunch of treats for me to use on my letters including washi strips, labels, stickers and she even included a few used USA stamps, I really wanted to receive the one with the rose on, the illustration is beautiful.

The second birthday card came from Daria in Russia, i really love this card because i've never received one in another language. She kindly translated the Russian text into English for me, the front says 'Happy Birthday!' 'The world is wonderful when you're near' followed by 'Let everyday of your life be joyful and happy!' inside. Although i can only speak English and a little French i do love to see people writing in different languages, as long as they write the english versions below of course otherwise i wouldn't be able to reply.

As well as drawing a cute little illustration on the envelope she saw that i like Moomins and so sent me some character stickers with my card, sweet huh!? I never know what to do with stickers i love because where do you stick them? If i put them in my organiser i have to remove the pages each year, normally i would put them in my diary but i haven't written one since i was about 15, maybe i should start one again.

It was a fun little swap and i hope there's one around next year, if you have a birthday coming up and want to spread the birthday celebrations there are monthly birthday card swaps, here's one for both August and September.

Amy xo

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