Thursday, 25 June 2015

Swapbot: Incoming UK Flip Book

This swap came into my postbox a while ago, isn't it beautiful? It is my incoming part of the UK Flip Book Swap from a lady called Maxine, it's very different to the one i made! Already just taking it out of the envelope it's so pretty, the envelope is too. I've recently received a few doilies in my letters and they're so pretty, particularly the coloured ones, i'm thinking of buying a few to include in my letters as they make great decorations.

Once you open the little booklet up it's just as amazing as the front, there are two pockets, one with a little letter and the other full of little stickers. There's also washi tape samples dangling on a tag which i think is a great idea and looks so nice. Everything goes together perfectly and it's all complimented, it's such a lovely letter to receive and is certainly a favourite.

The back is also decorated of course and has a cute little pocket perfect for holding a tea sachet, i love that idea so i think i'll use it in the future and find out how to make them online. I'd love to make each of my pen pals a little booklet like this, i can tell that would take a lot of time but i think i'd have great fun doing it and they'd all love receiving it, perhaps i'll do it this July as i don't have anything planned for this month.

I'm off to Birmingham tomorrow and then London, it'll be the last lot of mail waiting for me there as i'm moving out! But it means i'll have even more to blog about, eek, i'm already behind!

Amy xo

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