Friday, 5 June 2015

Swapbot: June Prayer Flag Is Finally Outgoing

The time has come for the prayer flag i made just over a month ago to go to it's new home, Renne in the USA. I made a transparent envelope to send it in with the same colours i used on my flag, all of the green's and blues look really fresh and peaceful together. I also wrapped it up nicely with blue tissue paper and sealed it with a groovy blue flower sticker, i made a little confetti out of the scraps from when i made the envelope, always save the scraps!

Below are some photographs of my handmade prayer flag if you can't remember or are new to my blog! I wrote a little note to explain who i am  and what the symbol on the flag means and how i made it all, explaining i'm not a sewing bee at all.

I've already signed up for the July Prayer Flag Swap and i can't wait to try and make another one perhaps in a new colour scheme! I'm thinking i might even whip out the sewing machine this time.

Amy xo

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