Thursday, 11 June 2015

Swapbot: A Little Creative Postcard International Outgoing

So yesterday despite feeling ill i managed to create a swap that i'm hosting and take a short stroll up the road to the post box. I'm still unwell but feeling a lot better, the birthday party will go on! I'm in the middle of baking my birthday cakes, they're just cooling, i can't wait to eat them they already smell great. This was a little creative postcard, you had to use at least 2 stickers, 2 pieces of washi tape and one themed stamp on your postcard.

My partner loves dragon stamps, and like some sort of miracle i had one! I used a postcard of an illustration i did for university about a year and a half ago which i then had to get printed professionally onto postcards. They're really neat, shiny and thick plus the back is black which means i get to use my white gel pen and it just looks that bit jazzier.  Sadly all the info on the cards like my art website aren't correct anymore but i can still use them for my pen pals, i should definitely send more out because i'm quite fond of them and have around 40.

I'd love to receive postcards of peoples artwork so if you have postcards printed of yours and would like one of mine i'd love to swap, just leave a comment below.

Amy xo


  1. You are really talented, that postcard is so great. I would love to swap with you but I've never had any of my paintings printed as postcards. However at the moment I'm doing quite a lot of watercolour paintings in postcard sized formats (you can check them out on my blog: If you'd be interested in receiving one like these please let me know and maybe we could swap :)

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you! Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you on this i've been busy, busy, busy! I would love to receive one of your water coloured postcards in return for one of mine :)