Monday, 22 June 2015

Swapbot: A Little Letter Of Disney Princesses Incoming

Here is the incoming part of my Disney Princess swap, sadly mine hasn't made it to Haley yet but a swap i sent a while after did so it's not looking good which is such a shame because i put so much work into mine, I've still got my fingers crossed that the posties will pull it out the bag.
Mine's from Rebecca in Texas, USA, It got a little beat up in the post but it's still wonderful! She filled it with so many surprises for me it was so lovely to open and go through all the little pockets, pocket letters are great to open because of all that suspense.

She included a whole bunch of postcards and stickers for me to use and that's before we even get to opening the pockets. I like receiving postcards of where people live along with their mail, it gives me a little insight into their lives, i like it even better when they write a letter telling me more about them such as what they do, what pets they have, etc.
I opened the pockets and to my delight they were full of little goodies! I received a little note from Rebecca, a whole bunch of cute Disney stickers including Ariel (she's is my favourite Disney Princess), tea and even some African Krugerrand's... well, chocolate versions anyway, i'd be in the money if they were real! I've never seen foreign chocolate coins, strange right? I always get a bunch of chocolate coins in my stocking at Christmas or at least used to before i grew up.

I'm slowing down a little bit with swapbot, mostly focusing on postcards for a while so that i can spend my time getting this room sorted and decorated, stuff's all over the place and it's getting harder to do anything because i can never find what i need!

Amy xo

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