Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Swapbot: A Little Letter Of Favourite Animals Outgoing

Another swap of mine is ready to go, A Little Letter Of Favourite Animals. Included in this swap is one postcard, one letter, one drawing and a small gift all with your partners favourite animal on. This swap was between me and a girl called Haley, she was also my partner for A Little Letter Of Disney Princesses! Haley's favourite animals are rabbits. Although i couldn't find a postcard with a rabbit on i did find this gorgeous card illustrated by a tattoo artist called Saied, i just love the vibrancy of it!

Here's what's inside, i'm always saying how i'm an illustrator but i never sit down and illustrate for any of my letters because it's so time consuming the way in which i normally draw. I often use my quicker method which isn't how i draw for my work at university. So i sat down and drew in my style a little rabbit for Haley, i almost always use just black and white when drawing. I didn't send the original but i sent a print of it instead and also turned it into some stickers for her to use, which are also in my Etsy store

As a small gift as well as the stickers i bought some little rabbit socks, aren't they cute, i was so lucky to find them they're just perfect for this swap. I also found some super cute rabbit washi tape to use and printed my illustration onto paper to create the envelope. I hope she loves it all.

Amy xo

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