Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Swapbot: Little Letter Of Home Is Here

A swap i hosted called 'A Little Letter Of Home' arrived this weekend from Belgium, I don't think i've ever received anything from Belgium before so this was exciting already. It came from a lady called Tinne, whom i have actually sent a surprise letter to over on The Postal Society! Small world huh? She received it today so i'm not spoiling the surprise and i'll write about it very soon.

The stamps that Tinne used were amazing, i don't really collect stamps but i love to see stamps of the world and when i get one i've never seen before it makes me very happy! I think my favourite is the integration one where the zebra is amongst the cows, great message too.

Amongst postcards, a badge and a letter telling me all about Geel, the town in which she lives, she also included a bunch of Belgium euro coins which are pretty neat, i've never seen them before. When i was younger i used to collect coins although i'm not entirely sure where that collection went, it was mostly my Grandpa who gave me the coins back from his trips, i hope i can find it one day.

Amy xo

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