Monday, 8 June 2015

Swapbot: My Travelling Postcard

For the first time i decided to create a very difficult swap, the travelling postcard. I had seen it on Swapbot but it was very different as they were sending a postcard around in an envelope to be signed but it got me thinking; what about all those beautiful stamps going to waste on all those envelopes? So i came up with a way of keeping those stamps on the card and still have the card be sent on... how? Post-its!

By adding 5 post-it notes to the card secured with washi tape that can be removed a new address can be written on each time until the last one which has the card owners address on it already. This is my card all ready to go, i picked a pretty Alice in Wonderland stamp i had paired with a green queen to make up the £1 cost. The postcard i chose is one i love, it's confident, unlike me really but i love the illustration and confidence anyway, plus all that shocking pink. I hope it gets around safely and comes back to me full of wonderful stamps, i can't wait.

Amy xo

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