Thursday, 11 June 2015

Swapbot: UK Flip Book Outgoing

It's about time i sat down and posted about this swap, so here is my end of the swap for UK Flip Book Swap. The requirements were to create a little booklet with at least one surprise in and a letter and it MUST be completely decorated. Mine was for Danni, i noticed she liked the colour mint so i found some of that colour in my stash and got to work. I used one sheet of A4 cut into two A5 pieces then sewed it up into an A6 booklet, using my washi tape to go crazy on the front i got the idea to use graph paper for the envelope from the thin tape and luckily i had a few left over from school, all 5 years ago!

One of my surprises was a nice cup of herbal tea to drink whilst they read the little book, it's always a great excuse to sit down and have a cuppa. I wrote a short introduction about myself in a little notelet i had which fit perfectly with size of my book and used post its to write little bits about myself on.

My second surprise was my handmade pen pal stickers, which aren't currently for sale in my shop. I sent a mixture of blue and pink for them to dazzle up their letters with, they make great little add ons and can be used in organisers too. 

I also wrote about a few of my favourite things, i could only show a snippet of my favourite things a post it note wouldn't fit all my loves and interests on!

Finally some music recommendations as i've been listening to those songs a lot lately, give them a listen! & a link to this blog, i like to include it in the swaps i give out so they can see more into my pen pal life and other swaps i've joined in with.

Maybe you've noticed that i used some of the paper pieces to decorate this book sent to me in the April Blind Swap!

Amy xo

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