Thursday, 9 July 2015

Incoming Birthday Mail From Indonesia, India & California

I've received my final birthday mails, which means i'm going to have to send some equally lovely things their way which is exciting! I'm hopeless at remembering my pen pals birthdays because i haven't written them down anywhere and i can never find the letter that says, so i've been making little stickers for them to fill in with their birthday that i can stick into my organiser, let's get organised!

Anyway, firstly is Sepdia from Indonesia's letter, i'm in love with that turtle stamp for starters, anything ocean animal related and i will just adore it, then again pop any animal on my mail and i'll love it! She makes her own stationary and envelopes and even has a little store selling doilies, ribbon and other lovely pen pal supplies.

Sepdia also sent me a really lovely gift, this beautiful tote bag, it kind of reminds me of christmas a little bit because of the holly type design. I only have one other tote bag and it was a design from an illustrator i really love called Lorenza AKA 'LOll3', i've bought quite a few of her things and my bag is pink with gizmo on! That's a fair bit larger than this one so now i have two sizes for carrying my various sketchbooks, perfect!

Next is Vaishnavi's letter from India, she included one of the most beautiful birthday cards that she made herself, it's really stunning. 

I opened this letter on the train and obviously i sparkled up my seat a bit with all the confetti inside. Customs in the UK had already opened the letter so i'm hoping it made them all starkly too! As well as the card there was a cute little envelope again full of sequins, my letter, mail tag, kind words and a pretty postcard.

She told me a funny secret and now i have to tell her one back, i don't have many secrets really but i'm sure i can think of something hilariously embarrassing i did on a night out or something, that's sure to not take long, i mean the last time i went out i went looking for some ducks to feed at 5am. We found one duck and it ran away as soon as it saw us so i just sat there dangling my legs in the water and throwing food to the invisible ducks...

Finally is Olivia's mail from California, She made me a little birthday card too using a postcard of Elvis, who doesn't love a bit of Elvis? plus it's all in my favourite colour, pink! I can also pluck the postcard off to use if i'd like. This letter actually got sent back to Olivia, whoops, so it's not the original envelope which sounded lovely with cupcakes on.

She included a bunch of birthday treats, all sorts of stickers and card pieces plus a bright pink candle, i thought that was super cute and a great idea. Of course i got a wonderful letter too!

I've started on their replies, i making pocket letters that are summer themed for them all. I'd been planning to do something like that for a while and bought loads of summer craft supplies, now's the time to get them used before Autumn springs up on us all.

Amy xo

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