Friday, 10 July 2015

Incoming From Costa Rica, Wales & Malaysia

The first incoming from Alejandro, Costa Rica. He's actually my first male pen friend as well, i don't know why before this they've all been female! I received a lovely letter he included a really pretty postcard, i love tree frogs, in fact frogs and toads are up there with some of my favourite animals. When i was little my dad and i went to my uncles farm and collected some tadpoles and kept them safe in our garden and watched them grow into little frogs, i loved it and it's interesting seeing tadpoles grow little legs.

Alejandro also included some tea and a Costa Rican coin, which really shocked me...why? If you've held GBP all your life then suddenly hold this it honestly feels like toy money it's so incredibly light. I used to collect coins but i don't know where my collection has gone, this would've made a great addition!

Next is a letter from Ellie in Wales, she's off to Bali now and she said she'd send me a postcard, Bali looks incredible i hope i can go there one day too. I'm super attracted to those clear blue seas and lush green land, i've actually never seen clear oceans but there are some in Thailand!

Also one thing i didn't know was that Wales have different stamps to England as well as using the same, this is a welsh stamp with their dragon on, cool right?

Finally is a letter from Michelle in Malaysia, she was having problems with the post office not letting her decorate her mail anymore which is crazy, i don't understand! Well i got this lovely sweetie treat..

I'm not 100% sure what the cute character on the black is yet, i thought it was stickers but now i'm not sure, i'm sure i'll figure it out and it's cute whatever it's for! She also sent me some peppermint tea which is one of my favourite herbal tea flavours, plus i think that's the prettiest packaging i've ever seen on tea!

Amy xo

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