Friday, 17 July 2015

Incoming from Portugal, Thailand, Minnesota, Switzerland & Sweden

This week i received a bunch of lovely letters from my pen pals, the first was from Ines, Portugal! She sent me a little gift for my birthday, a sketchbook! Despite being an illustration student i don't have a sketchbook just for my fun doodles because i'm swamped to the brim with work sketchbooks that i never have time for the fun freestyle stuff, well now i have one that will fit perfectly in my handbag and i can whip out whenever it takes my fancy. 

Ines also made me a little guide to Lisbon as i will be going there on the 25th August, i can't wait as i'm so ready for a holiday. As well as those things she included a creamy face mask and some really tasty sweets and i mean really tasty!

The next one is Malaivee's letter from Thailand! She wrote on some super neat stationary she got from London when she visited not too long ago, sadly i didn't meet her but i hope to in Bangkok, Thailand in November. I'd love to meet all my pen pals but that's a lot of travelling around the world!

Malaivee sent me a postcard of Mahidol Sittakarn Hall at Mahidol University, Salaya. It looks like a great event is happening with lanterns and fireworks!

This one is from Laura, Minnesota, USA. It was her birthday on the 6th and i'm putting her birthday present together even though it's late, i'm sure she won't mind! Laura sent some photographs of the fun she had on her birthday and told me all about the work she's been doing on upcoming plays, i'm waiting for her to send me a DVD of the last one she stage managed called 'Violet'.

Kimberly from Switzerland sent me this lovely letter, her first letter didn't make it to me but i'm glad this one has. She sent me a postcard of 'Klang and Kleid', not going to lie i had no idea what this was so i did a little googling and i believe it is a brand that sell all sorts of things like records and clothes, but correct me if i'm wrong! Along with that she sent me a sticker from a local tattoo studio called 'Spider Fever Tattoo', how neat is that? I like it when i find little things to do with tattoos in my mail, the last thing i received was a little booklet about a tattoo exhibition which was interesting.

Last but not least is my letter from Sofie, Sweden. She wrote me a lovely long letter and i'm a little bit in love with that berry stamp, right now i have so many stamps to photograph and Photoshop together to show you all, i can't wait but it takes a long time!

I'd better get on replying to all these wonderful letters, that's going to be a task and a half!

Amy xo

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