Friday, 24 July 2015

Outgoing Alice In Wonderland To Wales And Malaysia

Since i had a few Alice In Wonderland stamps i decided to make a themed letter for Ellie in Wales and Michelle in Malaysia. I found some really beautiful illustrations online and made them into envelopes, stuck on the official stamps and used some decorative Alice stamp stickers, i even cancelled them with white rabbit!

I printed out matching writing paper for my letters and included a blank postcard in each that they can use themselves for other pen pals or just for keeps, I also popped in a red and yellow rose in each (my pack didn't have white in, booo) to reference 'painting the roses red'!

I decorated the back of the envelopes with the opposite illustration with quotes from the film, i think they turned out well and compliment my stamps wonderfully. I hope they both like them, Bee stamps are coming out in August and i can't wait for those, i see some bee themed mail coming along!

Amy xo

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