Thursday, 23 July 2015

Outgoing Birthday Mail To Laura In Minnesota!

On the 6th July it was my first pen pal Laura's 20th birthday, i made up a package full of treats for her covered in dinosaurs! Apparently her cake had dinosaurs on so i'm officially psychic or something. I bought a large sheet of cute dinosaur and cacti wrapping paper and went with it making sure all of the goodies i bought also complimented the theme of choice...

I used an empty chocolate box and wrapped it all up then covered it with birthday confetti. All of the goodies fit super snug into the box and i sealed it all up with special birthday tape, I've been bursting to use that!

Let's see what i bought to put inside for Laura...

First i bought a bunch of sweet treats that i don't think are sold in America but they probably have similar things - Chewits, a chewy delicious vegetarian sweet, they're similar to starburst if the USA have those? i don't know, anyway i included three flavours, strawberry, fruit salad and blackcurrant. I read somewhere that in the USA all of their purple sweets are grape flavoured, well here they're always blackcurrant! I also bought the Xtreme sour apple versions.

Haribo is a very popular gummy sweet brand, sadly finding gummy sweets for vegetarians can be such a task, it always breaks my heart because they're my favourite type of sweet but i can't eat any of them! Luckily vegetarian Haribo are stocked in store around where i live, i think only quite recently but i bought a few bags and packaged a little mix for Laura to try.

I saw some rubbers in the shape of cacti and i knew i had to get them for her, she grows many different plants.

I included a letter in my box and last but certainly not least, this amazing card! Perfect for all those vegetarians out there, i saw it a while ago and finally had someone to buy it for. I just want to sit with that dinosaur and eat hummus with him all day long.

Nearer her birthday date i sent her a little birthday postcard, isn't it the cutest? Me being a numpty forgot to photograph the back and i used a special harry potter stamp of Dumbledore, who doesn't want a dinosaur postcard stamped with Dumbledore for their birthday?

Amy xo

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