Saturday, 11 July 2015

Outgoing To Alejandro In Costa Rica

Outgoing to Alejandro, Costa Rica. He told me he likes insects so i included a few insect photographs i took at London Zoo in June. There was an exhibit where you could go in with huge spiders, no glass, so i got some great photographs of them, i imagine that would freak a fair few people out but they were pretty much doing their own thing with their webs rather than climbing everywhere. I really like insects too so i finally have a pen pal that does and i can send all the insect photos to my hearts content!

I realised that a lot of my writing sets are very cutesy, i hope he likes cute & pink because that's all i've got. This one i chose is the least girly girl i have with unicorns and kittens, what can i say i love girly stationary.

Amy xo

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