Monday, 27 July 2015

Outgoing To India, California, Indonesia & Switzerland

I wrote lots and lots of mail today, I'm lagging a bit behind but i'm almost all caught up now. Recently i bought two new writing sets, i mean i'm always buying them i just can't help myself! The first two letters are for Vaishnavi in India and Olivia in California, USA and i used my new zoo letter set which is adorable! It has elephants, pandas, tigers, zebras & lions on it.

I used up all of my heraldic beast stamps, the unicorn one is my personal favourite! They're the most animal like stamps that I had. With the letter set you get lots of sealing stickers which come in all the different animals and in many different colours, I chose a blue tiger and yellow lion to finish off these letters. (aren't the backs cute!?)

The next two letters are for Sepdia in Indonesia and Kimberly in Switzerland and for these i used a day of the dead envelope set, it's actually called 'fiestaval'. I had to go a bit stamp mad on these because i'd ran out of higher priced stamps, who doesn't love lots of stamps on their mail though?

I bought the matching tape set for both of these (from Paperchase) but i've only used the fiestaval ones so far to seal up my envelopes which again come with sealing stickers to match!

Where do you buy your writing sets from? Mine almost always come from Paperchase but i'd love to find other similar sellers, let me know.

Amy xo

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