Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Outgoing To My Lovely Love In London

Does anyone else exchange post with their loved ones? I occasionally mail out postcards to my boyfriend Alex and i used to write letters to my mum while i was living away from home for university. I think it's more comforting if you're far away from someone. 

I picked out this postcard because it's just the sort of thing i would say to Alex and it made me smile and Alex smile, which is a lovely smile by the way. I want it.

I had plans to take a trip with my dog Ollie to London so that we could go to a little 'Pup Up' event, sadly the plans fell through and Alex visited me instead. I decided a 2 hour train journey with Ollie would be a tremendous pain and Pip, our family dog who is well behaved, well she was ill a few days before so i didn't want to risk her throwing up all over the train.

It's not that Ollie isn't well behaved, he just has a very short attention span and still has a lot of puppy qualities about him despite him being 4 now, he would probably whine and not sit still for a second, it would be a nightmare.

Amy xo

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  1. What a great card !
    And yes, I also send cards to some loved ones every now and again. To my niece, my mum or my aunt - just for fun or to let them know I care or, well, I don't even think it needs a reason anyway... :)