Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Postal Society: June Summer Mail Art & A Day In The Life Of Swaps Incoming

I received both of my postal Society swaps a few weeks ago, firstly is the June Summer Mail Art Swap from Eleanor 'Zindy' in Australia. She explained to me that fruit reminded her of summer as that's when it's ripe and ready to eat, i must say that's one of my favourite parts of summer too. She illustrated some wonderful peaches, they look mighty tasty, and used that as the theme. I've actually started making some pocket letters that are super fruity for my pen pals, it's definitely the fruity, cocktail drinking season now.

Eleanor included way way more than what was required for this swap which was very kind of her, she said she planned on sending me some mail already, not long ago she sent me a pretty postcard with her art work on it. She wrote a little note, made me a peachy blank card to use, some stickers (which i love!), a poem on a painting sample (i really want to get myself some of those), a recipe for her favourite drink and a CD of songs, i can't remember who by right now. I haven't listened to it yet but i think the DVD player should be able to play mini CDs, it's on my list of things to do this week.

Secondly is A Day In A Life Of swap from Julia, Slovakia. Her swap arrived before i created mine and so it inspired me to match items to numbers that i could then reference whilst writing about them, i thought it was a smart idea of hers. She told me all about how she went with her family to help tidy up a cottage her mums best friend owns, it was overgrown and jungle looking. Here are the things she included in the letter...

1. The black tea she made herself in the morning.
2. A recipe for a poppy cake they ate once they got to her mums best friends house that she made.
3. Some twigs from the overgrown garden.
4. Photos of the garden and logs on fire & my name written with twigs.
5. An excerpt from her favourite book 'Dreaming Of Amelia".
6. Label from 'Rafaellos" a sweet treat she ate.
7. Drawings of items she got that day.

They were both great letters to receive and read, you can see the ones i sent out here.

Amy xo

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  1. soo skilled and creative! I really enjoyed this article ^^